We’ve had a few customers contacting us about some door to door solicitors offering service in Independence and Raytown. A few folks have told us they’re even claiming we’re not picking up in the area anymore. This is completely untrue. We’ve done some checking and here’s what we’ve found out:

Waste Services LLC is a company out of Utah, it looks as if they’ve sub-contracted a company to do the actual waste removal, they’re just acting as a liaison between the customer and the waste hauler.

A customer provided us with a copy of his Waste Services LLC’s  Residential Service Agreement and there are some points that should be clarified in the “fine print”

1) Billed 3 months in ADVANCE every quarter + late fees.

2) 24 month contract with AUTO RENEWAL, unless they’re given a THIRTY DAY WRITTEN notice prior to original date of execution, if no notice is given the contract is extended another 24 months.

3) Can increase charges at any time.(i.e. fuel charges, disposal, or government fees)

4) If you decide you want to cancel mid-contract you must pay six months to liquidate your contract.

BEWARE OF CONTRACTS – Ted’s does business on a handshake, the way it should be. Keep it local.

Thanks for reading.

Ted’s Trash Service Inc.

UPDATE – The city of Independence has issued this statement regarding the situation: Link to original .doc file: Unlicensed Trash Company Solicits Customers 6-27-12

Unlicensed Company Soliciting Customers

 in Independence

(INDEPENDENCE, Mo.)  Wednesday, June 27, 2012 – The City of Independence has learned that representatives for a trash hauling company have been going door-to-door offering residential trash, recyclables and yard waste pickup services.

Waste Services, LLC is not licensed to do business in Independence. The company’s paperwork shows a post office box address in Spanish Fork, UT. The City has contacted Waste Services, LLC and notified the company of the requirement to obtain a business license.

Some citizens have reportedly been told their existing trash hauler will no longer be providing service in their area, or that the City is restricting the number of trash trucks in their neighborhood, neither of which is true.  Citizens with questions about their current trash service are encouraged to contact their provider.

The City reminds citizens to be wary of anyone soliciting door-to-door. In addition to the potential of falling victim to fraud, there are other risks including threats to personal safety or the possibility of becoming a victim of identity theft. Citizens are encouraged to always do business with properly licensed companies and always read the fine print before signing any documents.