Thank you for reaching out to us!  It’s our goal to answer questions or solve any problems as quickly as possible for all our customers!  To ensure the quickest response, please select the most appropriate department that you need questions answered or problems reviewed (it helps a lot!).

Residential Department Contact Form – Click Here!
Description: Once a week, curb-side trash pick-up for residents of Independence, Raytown, and limited areas of Lee’s Summit.  This is your department if you take your own container, bags, or a fashionable Teddy Toter (95 gallon container) out to the street once a week.  Curb-side recycling is also included for this department.  If you have questions about Ted’s Recycling Center, please see below!

Commercial Department Contact Form – Click Here!
Description: Frontload or Rearload trash removal service.  Sizes include 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 yard containers. Generally for businesses (even some residential, limited by various factors)  who are serviced at least once per week by a Frontload (truck with forks on front) or hooked into a Rearloader (trucks that take your metal container and loads into a hopper).

Roll-Off Department Contact Form – Click Here!

Description: Provides large, temporary construction debris removal containers.  Sizes available are 10, 20, 30, 40 yards.  Compactor services included, please ask about this as there are limitations.  These are large metal dumpsters that take up the majority of a standard driveway.


Customer by Accepting Services, agrees that concrete, asphalt, grass/dirt surface, water, sewer, telephone lines, gas lines, underground lines, trees and other damage may occur due to the weight and operation of our trucks and containers in the process of operation and  that Ted’s Trash Service Inc. is not liable for such damage