Recycling Teds


Ted’s Trash is extremely proud of our recycling program. We’ve come up with a simple and effective way to help motivate more people to recycle!

With your help, Ted’s Trash is making it easier than ever to recycle and make a big impact on our environment!

For your convenience; we will be offering 2 options for recycling.

  • Recycling Cart (96 Gallon) – $6.00 per month
    • For the “big time” recyclers
      • Comingled recyclables accepted are listed on back of this page.
  • Ted’s Trash Rehab Facility – FREE
    • 10800 E. Truman Road Independence, MO
      • Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week!
        • Your recyclables must be placed in the proper receptacles at the center.

Curb side pick-up for recycling takes place every week on your normal pick-up day. Place recyclables at the curb no later than 6am on your normal pickup day. One BIG thing to remember is that glass bottles are not accepted curbside! We offer glass bottle recycling at the Ted’s Rehab Recycling facility. Please be aware of what is being recycled. Contamination is counterproductive in our goal to reduce waste.

Thanks again for choosing Ted’s Trash Service Inc, your local family owned and operated waste and recycling solution. And remember, “Don’t get wasted. Recycle.”

 Curbside Recycling Guidelines

• Recyclables can be commingled loosely in the recycling bin or bag

Corrugated cartons should be cut or reduced to 2’ X 2’

• All containers should be thoroughly rinsed

• Labels are okay

Acceptable Recyclable Materials

• Newspaper • Advertising Inserts • Office Paper • Chipboard • Telephone Books • Carrier Stock • Envelopes • Manila File Folders • Junk Mail • Magazines • Catalogs • Aluminum Cans • Corrugated Cartons • Steel (tin) Food and Beverage Cans • #1-7 Plastics (NO Styrofoam) • Yogurt or Margarine Tubs • Deli or Salad Bar “Clamshells” •



Glass can be taken to the Ted’s Trash Recycling Drop-Off facility located at 10800 E. Truman Road.

• Automotive Product Bottles • Blueprints • Carbon Paper • Construction Paper • Drink Pouches • Egg Cartons • Film Canisters • Foil • Frozen Food Containers • Frozen Juice Containers or Straws • Gift Wrap • Hanging Folders • Hardback Books • Microwave Trays • Motor Oil Bottles • Paper Plates or Cups • Paper Towels • Paperback Books

• Photographs • Plastic Bags • Plastic Cereal Box or Cake Box Liner Bags • Plastic Lids or 6-Pack Holders • Scrap Metal • Shredded Paper • Tissue Paper • Trash • Vitamin or Prescription Bottles • Wax Cardboard •

If any unacceptable materials are included in your weekly recycling we MUST reject them. There are no exceptions. One unacceptable item can contaminate an entire load of recyclables. Thank you for your cooperation.

Commercial Recycling Information

Recycle Facility Information: