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Attention Residential Customers
We will not be taking on new customers from May 24, 2021 through June 18, 2021 

***Attention Residential Customers***

Here at Ted’s Trash Service, we are undertaking the huge process of changing and consolidating our residential routes to increase route efficiency, reduce road wear, and streamline our routes to better serve our community. Unfortunately, for this change to take place, we will not be able to take on any new residential customers for a four-week period. This four-week period will occur between MAY 24TH, 2021 THOUGH JUNE 18TH, 2021Our current customers will still be serviced during this time, we just will not be able to accept any new customers for this short period of time.

To our current residential customers:

your current pick-up day may be changing. 59% of our current residential customers will be getting notified that their pick-up day is changing. If your pick-up day will change with these route changes, you will be receiving a notice mailer and/or an e-mail (if you have an e-mail on file with us) notifying you of your new pick-up day. Expect these notifications one to two weeks before the changes are made, around the first week of June. The NEW route schedule will begin the week of JUNE 14th through JUNE 18th.  If you do not receive a mailer and/or an e-mail; you will not be affected by this route change and your pick-up day will remain the same. However, please review the maps that are posted below of our new route day schedules to ensure you are aware of any changes.

**Maps of the new route schedule have been posted below**

To our RAYTOWN customers: all Raytown customers will be picked up on Mondays beginning June 14th, 2021.

If you live EAST of 291 highway: your pick-up day will be on Fridays beginning the week of June 14th, 2021.

All other customers: Find the location of your home on one of the maps, and this will show you what your pick-up day will be starting the week of June 14th, 2021. 

We are trying to make this transition as smooth as possible, so please help us reduce the number of calls by reading the mailer and/or e-mail and checking our website for any information.  We will post all updates on our Facebook page and e-mail.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience through this process and as always, thank you for supporting your local family-owned trash company!