Pricing can vary depending on location, volume, and availability.


Please call 816-252-1594 ext. #3 to get pricing and schedule a container rental.

Click on the below link for the printable pricing sheet


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Ted’s Container Services Agreement

Customer by Accepting Services, agrees that concrete, asphalt, grass/dirt surface, water, sewer, telephone lines, gas lines, underground lines, trees and other damage may occur due to the weight and operation of our trucks and containers in the process of operation and  that Ted’s Trash Service Inc. is not liable for such damage. Customer acknowledges that it is in care, custody, and control of Roll-Off container owned by Ted’s Trash Service Inc. and accepts responsibility for the Roll-Off container and its contents. All 20,30,40 containers are rented for two weeks or less all 10yd containers are rented for one week or less. Ted’s Trash Service Inc. has the right to remove the container without customer authorization after the rental period has ended. Although we do require the customer to call in for pickup when finished to avoid rental fees. Customer agrees that Ted’s Trash Service Inc. has the right to remove customer contents inside the container at the service location if the container service has not been paid in full. Roll-Off containers must be at maximum level full. Any overload or overweight fines will be paid by the customer. When loading heavy materials such as dirt, rock, concrete, or roofing materials we require 20yd containers only to be loaded half full to meet D.O.T. weight requirements. Customer agrees to return equipment in as good of condition as received. Customer agrees not to dispose of hazardous waste, 55 gallon drums, appliances, tires, or other restricted materials in the containers and further agrees to hold Ted’s Trash Service Inc. harmless from any damage, fines, or responsibility for such materials. When customer pays for services with a credit card (requiring no signature), check, money order, or cash the customer acknowledges that the terms and conditions of this service agreement  apply completely.

Ted’s Refund Policy

All refunds from services that have been paid for are subject for approval.  Any work performed on any paid service will be subject to fuel and labor costs as well as material costs.  To ensure a full refund or avoid any charges, please call our office (816-252-1594)  a day before any service or job is to be completed.  If you are unsatisfied with any services performed, please call our office so that we may resolve the issue.